Ameco Renewable Energy Srl respects all agreements with all customers with whom it has relationships. Until now we have delivered our product to all those who pay for the goods and respect the contracts and agreements.
We advise all those involved in the scam / scam of a company from Lazio to make a complaint to them if you have been cheated, as we do with all those who use our name and brand without our consent by damaging our image and our company.

Our product portfolio

The energy revolution carried down – be part of the movement!

Since its founding in 2006, much has been happening in the energy sector as well as in our company. Two things have always been the same in all these years, our focus on sustainable, resource-conserving energy solutions and our motivated and competent team that tirelessly strives to speed up energy recovery.

Thus, we want to make our contribution to a clean, efficient and sustainable future of energy production, independent of conventional resources.



                      Unconditional devotion to innovation and quality

Simply put, we want nothing less than to bring the best product on the market


The product portfolio includes innovative premium pellets with an above-average high energy value, square briquettes and a completely dust-free high quality wood pellets horse litter.

The products are developed continuously and production capacities were increased several times, to meet the increasing demand in many markets.

Our goal is to push forward the energy leaps that have been emerging for years, to pave the way for the sustainable management of our resources, to gain independence from global energy speculators, and to provide people with affordable and CO2-neutral energy. We aim to achieve far-reaching resource conservation and a balance of ecological and economic interests.
We produce not only products, we create solutions. The eye for detail is as such a holistic perspective. Our goal is to create a circuit, wasting no raw materials, and to donate through holistic contemplation, real benefits.
No compromises in quality, never violate one’s own standards at the expense of profit maximization. High costs in product development and high degree of innovation. To have the best product in the market. Customers and your opinion are our scale, which market the ultima ratio.
An average 4-person household can save around six and a half tones of CO2 annually, instead of heating with oil with pellets. Six and a half tones, which remain saved at the atmosphere. A large contribution to climate protection, provided by a small high-energy wood product. The burning of fossil fuels is damaging the climate, and not only that: already the extraction of brown and hard coal, but above all of oil, leaves behind devastating traces worldwide.

The AMECO community is growing every day! Let’s see what our customers and partners have to say…

Innovation, quality and the right partner with trustworthiness are the recipe for success of AMECO and the market rewarded that.

Our so far best litter! We have an open-air stall and have tried many types of bedding. But this litter convinces both the price / performance ratio as well as the work incidence and the acceptance of the horses. It is very important for us that there are no allergens, since we have a cough horse! Also the purchase of manure is no problem because the granules quickly rots on the dung heap. We can therefore unreservedly recommend this litter!
Petra Senft,, horse owner & client AMECO Premiumeinstreu
On the grounds of the Otto Wagner Hospital in Vienna, 18 therapy horses live, which accompany 300 seriously ill children and adolescents per week. The colorful horse herd – u.a. Shetland Pony, Icelander, Criollo and co – lives in an open stable. After the procurement of high-quality straw in Vienna became increasingly difficult and also two horses of chronic cough are affected, we have long searched a suitable bedding alternative. It should be well stored, dust-free and absorbent, and provide a good lying surface. At the horse fair, we did find the litter of AMECO and tested it immediately… And have enthusiastically stuck to it since then: The barn is now like a soft light forest floor, on which horses love to lie and rest. In comparison to the sawdust the AMECO bedding makes a much denser sleeping surface that absorbs well and very well absorbs this moisture and humidity – but the surface remains dry! There is a gigantic advantage also with the demanure of the horse droppings – these can be separated easily and lightning fast to as good as 100% from the litter, which means that there is no loss of litter. We and the horses are very glad that we found the bedding of AMECO and can now use them in the entire stable!
The best bedding that I have ever owned! Use it now for my domestic and outdoor aviaries (ornamental birds).
Absolutely no dust, well rich, good dispersing and visually very appealing!!!! If there were 10 stars, this litter would get this too.
Thank you Hr.Grabner!
Michael Isele

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