Welcome to AMECO

The AMECO plant, located in the heart of Transylvania, a beautiful, original and densely forested region, creates jobs and tremendous value for the local population.

A European showcase project with international expertise, reflected by a Swiss, Italian and Romanian management team, built and producing according to the highest European standards.

Constantly looking after the perfect process, the best possible result in the form of an innovative product, the market ahead, listening to customers and partners. This is the success secret of AMECO.

The products are developed continuously and production capacities were increased several times, to meet the increasing demand in many markets.

The AMECO renewable energy company was founded in 2006 by Arthur Schmed, a renowned Swiss engineer and the contractor Emanuele Lauria.

The product portfolio includes classic pellets, square briquettes and a completely dust-free high quality wood pellets horse litter.

Since the foundation, several million euros have been invested in the expansion of production capacities as well as quality assurance and product development with the aim of exceeding market standards.

Our goal is to push forward the energy leaps that have been emerging for years, to pave the way for the sustainable management of our resources, to gain independence from global energy speculators, and to provide people with affordable and CO2-neutral energy.

We aim to achieve far-reaching resource conservation and a balance of ecological and economic interests.

We produce not only products, we create solutions. The eye for detail is as such a holistic perspective. Our goal is to create a circuit, wasting no raw materials, and to donate through holistic contemplation, real benefits.
Keine No compromises in quality, never violate one’s own standards at the expense of profit maximization. High costs in product development and high degree of innovation. To have the best product in the market.

Customers and your opinion are our scale, which market the ultima ratio.

An average 4-person household can save around six and a half tones of CO2 annually, instead of heating with oil with pellets. Six and a half tones, which remain saved at the atmosphere. A large contribution to climate protection, provided by a small high-energy wood product.

The burning of fossil fuels is damaging the climate, and not only that: already the extraction of brown and hard coal, but above all of oil, leaves behind devastating traces worldwide.

Meet Our Team

Emanuele Lauria
Emanuele LauriaManaging Director/partner
Emanuele is responsible as Executive Director of AMECO renewable energy SRL, for the smooth running of the operation, the strategic direction, as well as the successful marketing of products.
Simona Chifor
Simona Chifor Head of Customer Service
Simona is responsible for all issues related to customer service and coordinated delivery to partners and end customers. She acts as a communication interface between production and sales.
Burján Izabella
Burján IzabellaHead of Sales
Izabella is responsible for all questions on products, prices, availability.

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