AMECO´s premium range – many advantages

AMECO Premium bedding is the proven, high-quality premium bedding for your horse boxes.

A pure natural product, is made from 100% untreated spruce.

The premium product made by AMECO, the innovative wooden granules is completely dust-free thanks to a special thermal process, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. This special horse bedding is made of pure spruce, which comes from the lush forests of Siebenbürgen, where there are more wood corks and grows more than is slaughtered, on a 100% sustainable basis.

But the most interesting argument for stable operators is the cost-effectiveness of the product:

AMECO Stall bedding is very easy to separate from feces due to the excellent flow ability, which results in much less dung. The average consumption per horse and week is with a 20kg bale and thus only one third of the consumption of chips.

  • Composition: untreated spruce (softwood)
  • Absorption: 200%
  • Dust collection method: Screening and forced aeration (absolutely dust-free)
  • Packaging: 80 liter bags in format 25 x 40 x 80
  • Weight: approximately 20 kg, pallet to 24 bags
  • Fragment sizes: 3 to 8 mm
  • Water content: 11%
  • Nitrogen: 0.3% Max
  • Rapid moisture and odor binding

The carbon existing in the pellets binds the substrate (urine) and prevents the development of harmful ammonia.

  • Optimum price – performance ratio due to extremely low consumption

Necessary as opposed to chips instead of 3 bales only one bale per week!

  • Suited for people with allergies horses!

Absolutely no dust formation in the boxes.

  • Guaranteed all year round availability!

In the winter months no delivery problems.

  • 20 kg bags
  • Pallets from 27-30 bags
  • Maximum load of the car 990 bags
Petra Senft posted at 17:17 on 7 January 2016

Our so far best litter! We have an open-air stall and have tried a lot of litter styles. But this litter convinces both the price / performance ratio as well as the work incidence and the acceptance of the horses. It is very important for us that there are no allergens, since we have a cough horse! Also the decrease of the dung is not a problem, since the granules rot very quickly on the dunghill. We can therefore recommend this litter unrestricted!

The best success with the AMECO bedding is when the basic bedding is at least 15 cm, but usually 20 cm. For a box with 12 m² you need 8 – 9 bales. That’s a whole lot, that’s right. It is already a certain overcoming necessary when one sees, as suddenly the pallet with 24 bales is reduced. But in this way one needs the least of the bedding in the course and has the best result.

Now the course:

  1. Apply as a first 20 cm base litter = 8 to 9 bales for 12 m², evenly in the box.
  2. Then the next 12 to 14 days to take only the horse droppings out of the box.
  3. In any case look for the wet spot and do not poke around in it.
  4. After the 12 to 14 days, look at the wet spot. Remove the dry bedding still lying over it aside and remove the wet place. There may already be a discolouration of reddish to dark red. In this case, the bedding has performed its suction performance. Where the wet spot has been removed, apply the older bedding in the box and then sprinkle the quantity removed so that one remains at the level of the 15 to 20 cm.
  5. The key is always to ensure that it stays dry above. It also depends on the horse. That must then find out at what time each of them is wet. Never too early, then you would throw away bedding which could still suck

The result:

  1. Ammonia formation is drastically reduced (to below 10ppm, the legal limit being 20ppm values).
  2. You have an optimal insulation and greatly reduced injuries when lying down and getting up.
  3. The necessary working time of the box care is also reduced.
  4. Even with a “difficult” horse, which normally requires three to four bales a week, only 1 bale / week is necessary.
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      AMECO Premiumeinstreu is a pure natural product. This special horse bedding is made from pure spruce, which comes from the lush forests of Transylvania, where there are more forest resources and grows more than is curt down, on a 100% sustainable basis.