Briquettes AMECO´s Raw Power

The briquettes or strains are larger than the pellets. The sawdust and the wood chips are always used as a basic material.

The manufacturing process differs from that of the pellets, in that about 40-50% hardwood (beech, etc.) can be added, thereby achieving a much higher heating value

The briquettes are used increasingly in all wood heating systems in particular tile – and Sweden furnaces. The briquettes are in various forms, from circular, square and octagonal.

The modern combustion systems of pellets and briquettes have an effective temperature setting and can be completely automated. It is characterized by an optimized burning process which limits the emissions to the minimum. As a result, they are ecological.
10 kg bags of 1200 kg pallets

The maximum load of a car is 19 pallets, which is 22.8 tons.

The wood briquettes expand during combustion. Therefore do not over fill the stove.

Do not use Gasoline, alcohol or other flammable liquids during the ignition (recommendation: they burn with grill Club).

Protect the wood briquettes against moisture.

  • Co2 neutral
  • Heating value 4.9 – 5.2 kWh / kg,
  • Ideal for tiled and Swedish ovens, open stoves or wood cookers. These are also appropriate for the grill.
AMECO’s Power Briquettes are a pure natural product, made from 100% untreated spruce, on a sustainable basis.

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