AMECO’s premium pellets – many benefits

The pellet offers the possibility to use the waste products from agriculture and forestry.

The sawdust and woodchips from softwood (spruce, pine, etc.) are cleaned using special equipment, dried, crushed, pressed and; packaged

The form stability is achieved with the help of the lignin present in the wood and by adding a natural Binder (strength).

The manufacturing process takes place without the use of chemicals. The pellets have a high calorific value due to a correct pressing and are the ideal alternative for oil and natural gas.

At the end of the 1990s a real boom in wood pellets began throughout Europe. Originally conceived as a niche market, now more and more households as well as a large number of companies trust in a pellet heating system and appreciate this sustainable and favorable form of heating.

We produce at AMECO renewable energy only pellets of quality according to “DIN PLUS” and “EN PLUS” quality standards, which we can be regularly confirmed by independent experts.

The following advantages are particularly important for wood pellets:

  • Pellets can easily be blown into the heaters by automatic feeders.
  • The space requirement corresponds to that of oil, not least by clever storage possibilities.
  • Pellets are dry, free-flowing and easy to transport.
  • Wood pellets are a renewable, sustainable and CO2 neutral and absolutely environmentally friendly product.

Wood pellets are the fuel of the present and the future: inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and available all year round. Pellet heaters and Pellet stoves

Therefore, are the modern and environmentally friendly form of heating. In many countries, these will be promoted from environmental funds. For the production of our wood pellets we only use untreated sawmills and shavings.

  • Crisis-proof: wood pellets are safe for the environment, because the raw material from which they are made grows. Where, if not in one of the most wooded countries in Europe, could this advantage be better utilized?
  • Environmentally friendly: In contrast to fossil fuels, wood pellets are also CO2-neutral, that is when burning, no more CO2 is produced than a tree absorbs during its growth. If you heat with pellets, you invest in the environment.
  • Cost-effective: Can environmental protection and cost savings be agreed? Of course – pellets are much cheaper than fossil fuels.
  • Space-saving: Due to their high energy density, they require very little storage space. An existing oil tank compartment can thus be converted into a pellet storage space without great effort.
  • Promotion: Lastly, heating with pellets is promoted in many European countries, such as Austria, Germany, Italy, etc. Countries grant grants when you heat with pellets. We would be pleased to advise you on the subject of subsidies.
  • 15 kg bags
    • 1200 kg bags, called the “big bag”
    • Loose pellets in tank car
    • The maximum weight of the vehicle is 23.4 tons in sacks and 22.8 tons in “big bags”
    • The weight of pallets with pellet bags is 975 kg and corresponds to 65 bags
  • A product free of chemical additives or bark, with the exclusive use of sawdust and fresh wood chips from cut wood.
  • Pellets of HP5 wood with a diameter of 6 mm
  • Heating value> 18 Mj / Kg
  • Humidity: <10%
  • Low incidence: <0.7%
DIN plus EN plus certified!

We at AMECO Renewable Energy produce exclusively pellets of the highest quality in accordance with “DIN PLUS” and “EN PLUS” quality standards, which we are regularly certified by independent experts.ameco_enplus_dinplus2015


A product free from chemical additives or bark, exclusively using sawdust and fresh wood chips from cut wood.

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